Tips on How to Set a Realistic Price When Selling a Diamond Ring

Getting rigged when selling an authentic diamond ring is no longer news; in fact, it is one of the common problems for diamond ring owners who have sold their jewelry to someone or at a place they barely know. It is frustrating to think that the actual price of the jewelry that you have sold was significantly more than the price you gave.

This time, if you still got no choice but to sell diamond ring for the second time or if it is your first time selling one, you should be smart. To help you from getting rigged when selling a diamond ring, here are some tips on how to set the right price for your diamond jewelry.

Know Your Diamond

First, you need to know more about jewelry. How much is your diamond ring? What is the current value of the diamond? Is the ring that tops the diamond stone valuable too? If you are planning to sell your diamond ring, you should be smart enough to get into details about the actual grade of the diamond and its overall value according to the current market value.

How is diamond being graded?

Only a certified professional can determine the diamond’s grade according to its color, cut, clarity, and carat. So, before heading to a jewelry store or to a jeweler who buys jewelry, you should understand the importance of having your diamond ring checked by professional and licensed appraisers, especially when you don’t have the diamond ring’s Certificate of Authenticity, which explains the value of the ring.

As mentioned, diamond jewelry is being graded according to the diamond’s color, cut, clarity, and carat. If you want to know the worth of the ring or any jewelry, you should understand the worth of the stone.

  • Color – According to the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), diamonds come in different colors and the higher priced ones are blue, pink, and yellow; however, colorless diamonds are the most valuable than the colored ones. The clearer the diamonds are the most expensive.
  • Cut – The cut is the shape of the diamond. While the color of the diamond is critical to its value, the worth of the diamond may also be determined on the cut. The symmetry and proportion of the cut are determined by a professional and honest jeweler or appraiser; so, look for an appraiser that will provide you honest data on your diamond.
  • Clarity – This is determining the flawlessness of the diamond; where the value is also determined if there are less to no inclusions or blemishes.
  • Carat weight – The value of the diamond’s carat weight can be influenced by the other C’s; for instance, if a big diamond has yellow tint, with a few flaws, and with asymmetry may be priced less than a small-sized diamond with clear tint, no flaws, and symmetrically cut.

Know Your Ring’s History

Also, to set a realistic price, know if the ring has a history. Some jewelers would spend too much for a diamond ring had been securely and safely kept for hundreds of years.

Additional Tips

If you already know the value of your diamond ring or jewelry and if you are ready to sell it; your next task is to know your buyer. If you do not want to get rigged, no matter how well-knowledgeable you are with your diamond, you should sell your diamond jewelry to a reliable and honest buyer.

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