Everything About Dating a Friend

It is not unusual for people to realize that they cannot tell the line between friendship and romance anymore. Well, that’s because this line is blurry in numerous situations. If your best friend is a guy, then you normally spend a lot of time together, just like best friends do and you probably already care a lot about each other and you know some of each other’s deepest secrets. If you have been feeling lately that you might want to try going out on a date, in the most romantic possible manner, then you should consider a few things before you do that. It can be a great idea and turn out that your friend is actually Mr. Right but the date can also ruin your friendship while you’ll be realizing that there should be no romance between the two of you. Dating a friend is, without a doubt, a good idea most of the time but what if this doesn’t apply to you? If you are still ready to go for it, then there are a few things that experts say you should know before you leave the house for your first romantic date. Here are some ideas.

1. Admit and accept the fact that it will be awkward in the beginning. It will be awkward even the first time you will have sex, so it’s not just about the date. It might take some time for your brains to figure out that you have strong feelings for each other so allow for the information to sink in and have patience. It will get great shortly.

2. Relationship chemistry is completely different from friendship chemistry. This is why you might realize that you’re doing some things differently now that you are in a relationship as opposed to how you did them when you were just friends.

3. When some things are not working, be honest about them. You probably tend to treat this relationship differently because you were friends before you were lovers but it shouldn’t be that way. Discuss about the good things and about the ones that are not working the way they should because that is the only way in which you can repair them before it is not too late.

These are, in wide lines, some of the most important things to know before you date your best friend. When you skip from the friend zone to a romantic zone, you have to expect change. It is actually impossible not to experience some changes, big or small so get used to this idea prior to going on the first date. There are wonderful stories of people who built amazing families, people who were just friends at first and there are stories of situations that went terribly wrong after two friends decided to date. As long as you are prepared for the change, then there are bigger chances for you to be in the group of those who get to have a positive experience dating a friend.

Basic Needs of Your Partner

Have you recently entered the very first relationship you ever really cared about so you are now stressed not to do something to hurt or even ruin it? Well, there are some fundamental needs that we all share as humans and as long as you discover which of them matters the most to the person you love, then the communication between the two of you will be much improved. If you know how to correctly communicate, you can be sure that things between the two of you will nicely grow.

The first fundamental need that humans have is for certainty. They want to be sure that the commitment that they are about to make is worth the effort, that they are engaging in a relationship that won’t bring them pain, stress and risks. They want the certainty that things will be all right, even when they get hard.

Variety is another fundamental human need. Even though we don’t like to admit it, we are creatures of habit but only to one point. We feel the need of surprising events that are not necessarily planned, exciting moments and we feel the need for a lot of fun. A lot of people might be reticent about the unexpected but they will still try it, which shows me that they enjoy it. Moving to the next fundamental human need, we would like to tell you more about significance. The need for feeling important, significant and having a meaning in life is huge. Transcribing this to a relationship, you won’t be surprised to learn that your partner feels the need of being important to you and the need of you wanting them to fulfil your needs. Moving further, we’ve reached connection and love. Who doesn’t need these? We know that relationships are hard and we are now referring to all types of relationships, not just the intimate ones but we still engage in them and we still spend a lot of time, effort and emotions on them. We have to connect because we are social animals and we need other souls in our lives. Of course, when it comes to love, we all know that we flourish only when we feel it, one way or another. Last but not least, contribution is another fundamental human need. Contribution gives us a feeling of meaning, it determines who we are in this world and it helps us build our legacy.

These are the basic, fundamental needs of any human being. Discover which of these describes your partner the most and you’ll be able to easier fulfill those. The benefits are going to be huge, both for yourself and for your partner. You will simply feel better and more comfortable with each other, which is absolutely going to boost your relationship. Don’t be hesitant to do an introspection into these fundamental needs and try to discover yours as well. It is all about human psychology and your interest in making sure that your relationship is one that grows in a healthy way.